It is true that home is where the heart is, and most of us will argue that the kitchen is the true heartbeat of the home. With this in mind, it is our belief, at Hyland Cabinetworks, that the responsibility falls on us, along with the homebuilders and remodelers, to do what we can to protect the health of the families that enjoy our kitchens. This is why, along with our custom line of cabinetry we have been making for over 30 years, we are proud to offer the Hyland Cabinetworks BUILT GREEN line of custom cabinetry.


The common misconception is that green costs much more, and while it is true that being green can be more expensive, the actual cost increase to the homeowner can be minimal and sometimes even nonexistent. For years eco-friendly products have been either too expensive, or lacked in performance. But do to public demand for more environmentally friendly products, the industry standards have gone up while the prices have come down. Water based cabinet finishes can now offer the beauty of typical finishing products while emitting little to none of the harmful VOCs.


Similarly, plywood products are now available with no added urea formaldehyde. These two products are key to achieving the highest possible air quality in the home. As for the hardwood lumber and cabinet doors, a wide variety of wood species are now available with an FSC certification, signifying that these products are only from responsibly managed forests.


Hyland Cabinetworks also does their part to reduce waste in local landfills. From giving sawdust and wood chips to local farmers, to recycling all wood scraps, even donating usable lumber scraps to local hobbyists, Hyland Cabinetworks is on the pulse of environmental stewardship.


Armed with the knowledge that a healthier environment is possible, a homeowner, along with their contractor and Hyland Cabinetworks, can provide their family a beautiful place to spend time together knowing that they did their part to protect their family and the environment.


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